YouTube advertising work plan

Selection of visitors by interests, age, gender, place of residence, education, etc.

Registration of the customers campaign in the Google Ads and YouTube placement systems. Drawing up the structure of an advertising campaign. Setting up ad display: regions, time, socio-demographic targeting, interests, retargeting, remarketing.

Setting up the Google Analytics statistics system. Establishing a link between a YouTube channel and a Google Ads account and a statisties system. Setting goals and conversions to track the actions (purchases, orders) on the clients website.

Determining the optimal monthly and daily budget. Determining and setting up the most effective strategy for displaying commercials. Configuring budget and bid limits for ad campaigns.

1. Selection
2. Customization
3. Setting
4. Customization
and costs
YouTube Advertising Cost

Setting up and maintaining YouTube ads. The minimum advertising order is 1 month. The term for setting up an advertising campaign is from 5 working days. Number of ads - 5 advertising campaigns, 5 videos. Placements for desktop and mobile.

Creating of a video with video shooting and dubbing (1 min.).


For more information on the cost of creating videos, see below*

Setting up targeted YouTube ads for business


We set up, test, analyze, offer optimal solutions. We help you get started in advertising on YouTube and grow your business. We have combined our industry expertise and analytics to deliver results. Grow your business with YouTube targeted advertising technologies, powered by machine learning to accurately connect with your target audience in real time. By ordering targeted advertising on YouTube from us, you will receive a ready-made project to attract customers,affordable prices, and the most effective use of the campaigns advertising budget. Our commitment to high quality results, as well as advanced technical implementation of analytics in the process of conducting and evaluating an advertising campaign brought us the gratitude of our partners.


Distribution of the advertising budget during the period of the advertising campaign. Informing about the end of funds on the account. Tracking sharp changes in the level of competition. Billing and payment of invoices.

Monitoring and informing about exceeding daily bet limits. Daily rate adjustments according to the approved media plan.

Evaluating the effectiveness of videos and placements (desktop and mobile). Making the necessary adjustments to advertising campaigns, work to reduce the bounce rate and increase the engagement rates.

Equal distribution of impressions according to the approved schedule. Daily monitoring of ad impressions, analysis of changes in the number of impressions. Tracking of stoppages of advertising and web work.

5. Control
6. Control and
8. Tracking
7. Control and

Adding new targetings, videos.

Report on the results of the advertising period: regions of advertising display, daily/monthly expenses, number of clicks and impressions, achievement of targeted actions on the site. Recommendations for optimizing

and improving advertising campaigns and budget.

Recommendations for the client on the operation of his site, suggestions for its improvement, efficiency increase, elimination of technical problems.

The term for setting up an advertising campaign is from 5 working days. The minimum order of the service is 1 month.

9. Introduction
 in campaign
10. Monthly
by campaign
11. Recommendations
on site
12. Term
Our guarantees

We guarantee that the work will be completed on time. Your ad will be seen by users who match your targeting. We cannot guarantee a certain number of customers or sales, as it directly depens on the competitiveness of your offer and the work of your sales department. But we offer you a method of work, when you will receive hot lead (potential buyers, who are interested in your product or service).

Non-cash payment methods: from the current account to the current account of the company; electronic wallet YuMoney; cards VISA, MasterCard; Sberbank Online.
* More information on the cost of creating videos:


Creating a video with video shooting without dubbing (1 min.) - 12.000 ₽

Editing a video based on ready-made footage with dubbing (1 min.) - 5000 ₽

Editing a video based on ready-made footage wiithout dubbing (1 min.) - 4000 ₽

Script writing for a video (1 min.) - 2000 ₽


YouTube channel creation 

Technical adjustment and optimization of the YouTube channel before promotion

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