About Smart Targeting studio


YouTube Promotion Studio Smart Targeting is a specialized structural unit of the Advertising Agency ElitMedia, Moscow.  Since 2007, our agency ElitMedia has been providing advertising and information services to businesses. Since 2015, we have begun to actively work in the field of Internet marketing, and recently we have been engaged in setting up targeted advertising and promoting businesses on YouTube.


Why do we offer YouTube advertising to our clients from all channels?


YouTube can solve most of the marketing challenges of any business because:

  • YouTube is the 3rd most visited site in Russia with an annual increase in views; 
  • Covers more than 80% of the active and solvent audience in Russia;
  • Has precise targeting that allows you to show your video only to your target audience at a bargain price;
  • YouTubes unique algorithms increase your sales 24 hours a day.


Why work with Smart Targeting?

We can close all the tasks of promoting goods and services on YouTube on a turnkey basis.  The main result of our work is the precise adjustment of targeted advertising on YouTube, the result which is: coverage and work with your target audience, improvement of sales indicators.


What services does Smart Targeting provide:


  • YouTube channel creation;
  • Setting up targeted YouTube ads for businesses;
  • Creations of videos (1 minute);
  • Script writing for videos (1 minute).




Our portfolio includes projects for promoting companies from different sectors of the economy on YouTube. Chek out our portfolio.

Smart Targeting - YouTube Promotion Studio.
Grow your business with us thanks to targeted advertising technologies on YouTube!
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Targeted YouTube Ads - Ads that Hit the Target!